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Week 2: Children’s Lit Quest

       There appears to be a connection between some of the books I picked out to read this week. I heard about Douglas Florian’s Winter Eyes while at a National Writing Project (NWP) workshop a few weeks back and decided to look for it at the library on my next trip.  To my delight I also … Continue reading

Week 1: Children’s Lit Quest

During the first week of my month-long quest to absorb more children’s literature I read a wide variety of selections:  poetry collections and stories, picture books, short stories, fiction and non-fiction.  I am ready to return these books to the library and grab a whole new stack to continue on my way. SOOOOOOOO many books…SOOOOOOOOO little time! … Continue reading

My Children’s Lit Book Quest

Last Saturday I spent the day at the Meadowbrook Writing Project’s Side By Side workshop for educators. Every once in a while I try to find something to reignite my creative juices.   Educators teach other educators what they have found to work to effectively teach writing in their classrooms.  This day proved to do … Continue reading

Repeat Offender…Guilty as Charged!

36 campers, 28 hours on a coach bus, extreme heat and humidity, bunking in a dorm-like cabin with 15 other women…why wouldn’t I look forward to doing this again and again and again?  This isn’t exactly my idea of a dream vacation, yet for 4 years now spending a week with kampers from SOAR Tutoring … Continue reading

Let’s Give This A Try!

I decided to start a blog this summer.  Why you ask?  Well I am not exactly sure.  From a personal standpoint I like the idea of joining the 21st Century by updating my technology skills.  Professionally, I would like to begin a blog for SOAR Tutoring students and mentors, but before I expose myself that way, … Continue reading