A little more about No Longer Bound

My husband, Rich’s, initial response after reading yesterday’s post Happy Birthday, Brad:  Suggestion…STOP READING HERE and go back and read yesterday’s post first.  Then come back to this post.

“I’m trying to figure out how to hold the IRS at bay, make payroll, increase sales, decrease costs, improve quality, ship on time, design Salsa machines, fix hydraulic leaks, change the toilet paper, all the while bawling like a 5 year old. But they are tears of joy… Happy Birthday son!”

My reply to his response:

“And despite all that we are still rejoicing!”

Today Rich added some additional thoughts that we wanted to share.

I do wish to add to the narrative a bit: The program that Brad is in is called No Longer Bound.  Please, if you are a man in addiction or know someone that is, I can’t recommend this enough. There are four main aspects that I think makes this program a success:

(1) This is a Christ based program but it is not bible thumping, mind control, brain washing, militia training or whatever one might associate with when you hear the term “faith based”.  The men are free to believe what they wish but NLB (and we) are not apologetic in the belief that true healing starts with a personal relationship with Jesus.  There is much hard work, accountability, honesty, set backs, consequences, repentance, and forgiveness in the process.  It works.

(2) NLB makes the distinction that they are not a rehab program but a regeneration program.  This isn’t just about getting sober but understanding the root cause (which is believing the lie that you are worthless) and becoming a whole, productive, flawed (as are we all), but worthy creation.  Does it make sense that we would be created in God’s image and be anything less?

(3) This is a 10 month long program.  I am more and more convinced that we are deluded into thinking that a 5 day detox, 30 day rehab, or even 6 months is enough time to heal the wounds of addiction.  It’s not…

(4) It is affordable.  Most addicts are dependent on family to support their habit.  This ends at NLB.  There is an initial fee which probably covers 10% of the cost of the program.  Eventually he is expected to repay his family, but the majority of the cost is off-set by income generating programs that the men participate in (as well as donations but their goal is to be self sufficient).  The work is an integral part of the recovery process and is not intended as vocational training.  It is important that the man understands that he is participating in something bigger than himself.

Working at NLB

Top left: Dustin and Brad refinishing a piece of furniture. Top right: Roadside sales. Bottom left: Rich and Brad diagnosing an engine problem. One of Brad’s responsibilities is to keep the NLB Fleet running. Bottom right: Duct tape fixes everything, right?!


Whether you have a needle in your arm, are supporting someone that does, pay higher taxes for ineffective government drug programs, or just fear for your life when you walk down the streets – you are a slave to addiction. Check out NLB.

Consider supporting this program.  They saved my son.

– Rich


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