Three Gardens

I thought this was published last week, but now that I am back in town and at my computer I will give it another try…

Over the past month I have planted three gardens: mine, my parents and Rich’s brother, Jim’s. Most of the annual planting took place in mid-May which began with a trip to my parents in Rochester, NY.

Mom working and dad supervising!

Together my parents have had 2 knees and a hip replaced within the last 15 months. They are in great shape now, but getting up and down around the yard isn’t as quick and easy as it once was for them. Luckily I was long overdue for a visit and couldn’t have asked for better planting weather…sunny days in the 70s! After gathering a variety of annuals we got right to work. First there was the digging, splitting and moving of some perennials. Once these were taken care of the annuals filled out the empty areas. Mom and dad’s gardens…done.

Clockwise from top left: zinnias, ladies mantle and something else my sister and her husband donated to the garden…can’t recall the name. Gorgeous Belle Wolking clematis growing on the side of the front porch. Front pot filled with canna lily, lantana, trailing alyssum. Light post bordered by geraniums and marigolds line the walk.

Next on the list of gardens was Jim’s. This is the second year I have given him an early birthday present…planting the three flats of red and white impatients around his yard. Last year they bloomed prolifically and I can only hope for the same this summer.
The final gardens to be completed were my own. This is no small endeavor, but from late April until the end of May I kept plugging away at the job.  The first part tackled was the front walk.  Last fall we moved all the hosta in there to another location and this spring we filled in the area with pink Knock Out Roses.  That area is bordered by Stella D’oro daylilies and the contrast is beautiful.

New roses in the front of the house. Left side pictures from early spring. Right…mid-June.

The other side of the walk is mostly perennials and just needed a little cleaning-up.  The front hedge, street-side is now bordered with impatients.  And that takes care of the front.

Now on to the back…

The deck pots and ‘Secret Garden’ are mostly shaded and are planted with the usual impatients, begonias, coleus, ferns and caladium.  A great find for the pots was the Pink Chaos coleus.  It looks like a little spot of fire in the pots.  Last spring my sister, Cindy and her husband Charlie, gave me several Ladies Mantle and a hypericum albury purple that have established themselves very nicely…thanks guys!  But my greatest joy is that now that the neighbors cleared all the trees and bushes from their yard I now have sun to plant a vegetable garden.  Today I even harvested a little romaine for a salad at lunch.  That was fun and only the beginning of much much more.

Left Picture: Pink Chaos coleus. Right top to bottom: big pots on deck, hypericum and the salad from my garden…YUM!


2 thoughts on “Three Gardens

  1. All very lovely. That mystery plant in Mom’s garden is crocosmia. It blooms in mid summer with clusters of red flowers that hummingbirds and butterflies love. Your front walk area is beautiful.


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