Let’s Give This A Try!

I decided to start a blog this summer.  Why you ask?  Well I am not exactly sure.  From a personal standpoint I like the idea of joining the 21st Century by updating my technology skills.  Professionally, I would like to begin a blog for SOAR Tutoring students and mentors, but before I expose myself that way, I thought this might a better way to start.

Next step…where to begin?  To make this easy, I am starting with my recent activities.

May means the end of SOAR which also means a celebration (complete with ice cream, hot fudge, and LOTS of toppings!) and the release of the SOAR students’ writing, The SOAR Storyteller.  This year’s publication is a newspaper highlighting stories the students began in their daily journal entries.  It was a beast to layout, especially since this was my first attempt, but the finished product was well worth the time.

Front cover of the
SOAR Storyteller.
(Click on image to read stories)

Interested in seeing the whole newspaper?  I will gladly mail it to you.  Just send a donation (at least enough to cover the cost of shipping) to Eagle Children’s Charities c/o SOAR Tutoring – 21001 Moross Road – Detroit, Michigan 48236 and I will mail it to you ASAP!

My favorite pages in the newspaper were the ones that highlighted our new workshop, Artists & Authors.  Below are a few of the drawings.  

After recognizing our students’ accomplishments, honoring our dedicated mentors, and showing off  The SOAR Storyteller for the first time we got on with some serious sundae business.

Nothing says SOAR celebration like

Not a bad way to end another great year.  SOAR has now completed 7 years or reading tutoring with a solid, and sustained student average reading level increase of 2 levels.  We had LOTS to celebrate!


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